Flame on oh little one.  Tough to see but there are flames out of the mouth of this creature.  At least he defended his territory for a few days!


BigFoot Sighting


What, a Bigfoot sighting so far south and not in the Redwoods?  Yep, but it was fleeting as he only lasted overnight and was gone before I could post this…

Crab on a Box


The crab climbed up on a box to see what was going on with passing traffic.  He quickly departed as someone must want him in another location like their yard.  The art in nature is at a new frenzy of collectors vs art as the art is loosing with the longest items hang around is about five days.  Most are gone in about a day.

Crab Feed


NO not a delicious crab feed, a crab feeding on a lounge chair.  This bad boy must have just looked too delicious as he only lasted a day.

Bill Bill Billy Goat

The wyle goat was wandering thru the countryside enjoying his new found freedom.

Howling Mad


This guy was on top of a small hill howling at the full moon nested between a couple of one way roads.  He looked great out in the wild.  Now how long can he survive?

Ha, time to try a smaller art piece to see if it can hide out awhile as the clever art seekers are watching carefully and collecting!  This little bird is up on a post not quite in line of sight.


Well so much for small and sort of hiding, this one was found and taken in less than a week!



This bad boy was last seen charging an abandon lounge chair left along the side of the road!  We will see how long he survives the wild of the winter here in California.


Moosing around

Ah the life of Moosing around.  Time for a small zoo to head out into the wild.  They escaped while a little too dark to take pictures of in the wild, so here are some shots while still in captivity.  If they stay around awhile we may get some shots in their natural habitat gracing the side of the road in a desolate spot.

Boo Hoo